karma moon

ghost hunter

Karma Moon is a firm believer in everything “woo-woo,” as her dad calls it. So when she asked her trusty Crystal Mystic if the call asking her dad to create a ghost-hunting docuseries was her dad’s big break, it delivered: “No doubt about it.” Because the universe never gets it wrong. Only people do.

Karma and her best friend, Mags, join her dad’s Totally Rad film crew at a famous haunted hotel in Colorado over her spring break. Their mission: find a ghost and get it on camera. If they succeed, the show will be a hit, they can pay rent on time, and just maybe, her mom will come back.

Unfortunately, staying at a haunted hotel isn’t a walk in the park for someone with a big case of the what-ifs. But her dad made Karma the head of research for the docuseries, so she, Mags, and a mysterious local boy named Nyx must investigate every strange happening in the historically creepy Stanley Hotel. Karma hopes that her what-ifs don’t make her give up the ghost before they can find a starring spirit to help their show go viral–and possibly even get them a season two.


  • Karma Moon Vallenari
    Willfully Woo-Woo
  • Mags Bogdonavich
    Exhaustive Eco Expert
  • Nix Brown
    Illusionist Enthusiast

Awards and Recognition

The real heart of the story is the “true-blue” friendship between Karma and Mags. There is a depth and ease to their relationship that feels just right.

Kirkus Reviews

Cryptozoological Excursions

Estes Park, COlorado

Awards and Recognition


Melissa believes that one of the great privileges about being a middle grade author is that she has the opportunity to speak with so many young people about the power of story. She has given presentations to both small and large groups on the process of writing, editing and publishing a book, as well as book discussion groups and writing workshops.


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