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about Melissa.

Melissa D. Savage is a middle-grade author and licensed therapist who founded the Tobin Scott Foundation. She earned her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University and has written four middle-grade books, with a fifth underway. Melissa began crafting stories in second grade and never looked back. She loves writing thrilling adventures about cryptids, ghosts, and cursed treasures. But her stories also delve into the adversity some children and families face, like grief, anxiety, divorce, disability, and pediatric illness. Ultimately, Melissa's books showcase overcoming challenges, finding hope, and healing through storytelling. She depicts diverse family dynamics and obstacles children encounter, focusing on thriving despite hardship and finding light in the dark. Follow Melissa on Twitter, Instagram, and Threads to learn more. The Tobin Scott Foundation she founded supports families dealing with pediatric illness or loss through the power of storytelling. Follow their impactful work on Instagram, Twitter, Threads, and Facebook.


Lemonade Liberty Witt

"It’s an important name. The most important name in the whole world. I say it out loud every day so the world remembers how important it is. And that it still matters to someone.  And also so it doesn’t disappear.  Like she did."



Karma Moon_edited.jpg

Karma Moon

"His voice is calm and his smile is that special one he gives me when I need it the most. A smile that says a lot without any words at all. It says that I’m okay and he’s okay and so is everything else in the world right this minute. And for a few seconds, while that smile is shining it’s light, a bright ray bursting through a worry storm, it actually feels true."

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Appearances and More.

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Mylo Affinito

"Someone needs to do something. And I think that someone should be us?"

REader's ROCK.

Reader's Rock.

Thank you to all the amazing Readers who have shared your

Artistic visions from my stories! Keep reading and keep creating!

Ada Ru Fitzhugh

Words may seem innocent enough, but I'm here to tell you that they're a way bigger deal than people know.  They are so powerful, in fact, that they can change us in a single solitary second.  Words can propel you so high that you could fly straight up to the sky blue.  Or can seem so heavy  on your shoulders that you think you'll never stand straight again.  And there's one reason for that.  Words make us feel.  And feelings are everything.  They control who we are and how we live and every single choice we make.

Nessie Quest_edited.jpg
Design Book

The Tobin Scott Foundation uplifts critically ill and grieving youth through storytelling. Founded by Melissa Savage to honor her late son Tobin, this non-profit helps children and teenagers aged 5-18 who are facing life-limiting illness or grief to write their own books. By publishing and distributing these young authors' works globally, TSF amplifies voices that are often unheard. The Toby Crew is carrying on Tobin's legacy by bringing comfort and meaning to kids navigating profound loss. Learn more about their empowering work by visiting the link below

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