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Mylo never really believed in Martians, unless they had a starring role in one of his comic books. But then a flying saucer crash-lands next to his Roswell, New Mexico, ranch, and he starts to hear voices–like someone is asking for his help.


With his best friend Dibs and crush Gracie by his side, and his Cracker Jack superhero membership card in his pocket, Mylo sets out on an epic adventure to investigate the crash and find the Martians. But he and his friends end up discovering more about the universe than they ever could have imagined.

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"Readers, especially those who have experienced loss themselves, will identify with strong, good, self-doubting Mylo, who narrates his sometimes funny story. Lovers of historical fiction will be at home."

Kirkus Reviews

Cryptozoological Excursions.

Roswell, New Mexico

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