Lemonade Liberty Witt’s mama always told her: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But Lem can’t possibly make lemonade out of her new life in Willow Creek, California—the Bigfoot Capital of the World—where she’s forced to live with a grandfather she’s never met after her mother passes away.
Then she meets eleven-year-old Tobin Sky, the CEO of Bigfoot Detectives Inc., who is the sole Bigfoot investigator for their small town. After he invites Lem to be his assistant for the summer, they set out on an epic adventure to capture a shot of the elusive beast on film. But along the way, Lem and Tobin end up discovering more than they ever could have imagined. And Lem realizes that maybe she can make lemonade out of her new life after all.


  • Lemonade Liberty Witt
    Twinkie Powered
  • Tobin Sky
    Bigfoot Biased

Awards and Recognition

“An enjoyable and welcome exploration of sorrow, healing, and friendship.”

School Library Journal

Cryptozoological Excursions

Pike’s Peak, Colorado

Alternate Editions

Bigfoot, tobin and me


Melissa believes that one of the great privileges about being a middle grade author is that she has the opportunity to speak with so many young people about the power of story. She has given presentations to both small and large groups on the process of writing, editing and publishing a book, as well as book discussion groups and writing workshops.


Please contact her about how she might contribute to your reading/writing curriculum with a presentation, workshop or book discussion group.

7972 Victoria Drive, #360

Victoria, Minnesota 55386-7728

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